Design for engagement

For over twenty years, we have been designing and developing behaviour change and communications programs, websites and interactive tools for small businesses, NGOs and government. Our focus is on creating engaging experiences which are inclusive and focused on the needs of the audience.

Speaking gigs

Bytetime works across a range of sectors including arts, education and government and our CEO Tracey is often invited to give presentations on a broad range of subjects.


  • Eco-activism
  • Using technology to support pro-environmental behaviour change
  • Applied models of transdisciplinarity in community context
  • Why am I obsessed by maps?
  • How can an online campaign change people’s behaviours?
  • What does online success look like?
  • What the heck is Dorkbot?
  • How online activism changed the world
  • Place and identity

Contact us if you want a list of public presentations.

University Lectures on SlideShare